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Guerlain HommeGuerlain Homme Aftershave Commercial

Guerlain Homme Aftershave by Guerlain

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain is a masculine aroma combination featuring notes of citrus and woodsy fragrances. Featuring scents like rum, lime, cedar, vetiver and mint, this fragrance is perfect for any man.


Habit RougeHabit Rouge Aftershave Commercial

Habit Rouge Aftershave by Guerlain

Habit Rouge by Guerlain was launched in 1965 and is complete with a refreshing blend of lemon, citrus, spices, mandarin, vanilla and leather. This masculine scent is perfect for everyday office wear.


L'InstantL'Instant Aftershave Commercial

L'Instant Aftershave by Guerlain

Warm, sexy and masculine, a blend of hibiscus, patchouli, citrus and badian crystals, l'instant de Guerlain Pour Homme was introduced in 2004 as a unique men's fragrance. It is recommended for daily wear.