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Lacoste Aftershave


Booster Aftershave by Lacoste

Booster is described as a sharp, fruity fragrance. This manly fragrance is a mixture of eucalyptus, menthol, lavender and peppermint, with a touch of nutmeg. Inspired by Lacoste in 1996, it is perfect for wearing casually.


Lacoste ChallengeLacoste Challenge Aftershave Commercial

Lacoste Challenge Aftershave by Lacoste

This French company, famous for its crocodile logo, has created a men's fragrance that opens with citrus notes - lemon and tangerine, with a hint of bergamot. The base is comprised of ginger, combined with aromatic lavender and violet leaves and is both traditional and trendy. The new face of Lacoste is Hayden Christensen, known for his starring role as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. The base notes are very modern with teak wood and dark ebony.


Lacoste EssentialLacoste Essential Aftershave Commercial

Lacoste Essential Aftershave by Lacoste

Lacoste Essential was introduced in 2005 by Lacoste as a citrus, scent for men. The manly fragrance is a mixture of tomato leaves, fruit, citrus and watery for the top notes, the middle notes include black pepper and florals, finishing off with sandalwood and patchouli.


Lacoste Pour HommeLacoste Pour Homme Aftershave Commercial

Lacoste Pour Homme Aftershave by Lacoste

Modern, fresh and sophistcated are only the words needed to describe Lacoste Pour Homme, a fragrance that will leave any man feeling refreshed. Lacoste Pour Homme notes include Italian bergamot, ruby grapefruit, plum accord, apple, juniper, cardamom, cinnamon bark, agarwood, vanilla bean and sandalwood.


Lacoste Style In Play

Lacoste Style In Play Aftershave by Lacoste

Lacoste Style In Play by Lacoste was launched in 2004, a fresh, masculine, playful scent.